Quality indices of power supply

To ensure sustainable and balanced development of the power grids and attain the European average, Sadales tīkls AS continues to implement significant power supply investment projects, carry out maintenance of power lines and clear power line routes throughout Latvia, increasing the reliability and quality of electricity supply for the country’s population and businesses. In order for the outages to have the least impact on users, the company continuously refines and improves work processes, develops the employees’ professional competence and caries out training of the personnel and qualified construction workers.

The effectiveness of the work performed over the previous years is confirmed by the quality indices of power supply that affect every Latvian resident: the system average interruption frequency and duration  index per customer during the year. Seeking to attain the European average, Sadales tīkls AS has reduced the average duration of power interruptions per customer from 466 minutes in 2014 to 246 minutes in 2019, while the average frequency of power interruptions has gone down from 3,7 times per user in 2014 to 2,7 times in 2019.

System Average Interruption Duration Index (min) during the year (SAIDI)

System Average Interruption Frequency Index during the year (SAIFI)