Fast and convenient communication

No electricity,
damaged electrical networks

Services and approvals


Take a look at the digital map of 
works. - If thedisconnection is 
marked on your property, we are 
already workingto fix it. It is not
necessary to calland apply for that 

When do you still need to report 
the situation? - In case of electric 
shock, fire and other situations you 
consider dangerous, please call 112 
immediately. In other cases, please 
use this action plan.
Apply for a service, submit meter
readings, follow the electricity 
consumption data on the customer 

Get technical requirements and 
approvals for a construction design, 
a land use design, different projects/
plans, digging and logging works,
relocation of power supply objects on 
the technical information portal.
See a detailed description of 
servicesin the website section 
For customers.

Ask questions to the virtual 
assistant Valts and get answers 
right away.
Apply for an individual expert 
e-consultation and get reliable 
advice remotely.