Faults and reporting them

How to report a fault?

To report a fault – call the line 8404 24/7. When calling, make sure to report the location of the fault as accurately as possible, as well as your contact information.


How to know when to call 8404?

If there is a power outage, check if only your address is affected or the neighbouring houses or apartments are affected too.


If power outage is only at your adress

If power outage is at the neighbouring houses or apartments too

1. Make sure that the automatic circuit breaker / input fuse is switched on in your electrical installations. 1. If you have signed up for receiving notifications on current events in an electrical network, you will get a text message with information about the fault within 20 minutes from the occurrence of the incident.
2. If it is switched on, contact person responsible for the manager of the building management or a certified specialist/electrician*, as this fault may be caused by your electrical equipment or there is some other problem in your internal electricityal network. 2. If no information is received, report the fault by calling 8404!

How can I update my contact information?

To be informed of the current situation at your address, please log in to the customer portal e-st.lv and sign up for receiving notifications on current events in an electrical network. Choose Contact information -> Electricity supply objects -> Edit contact information.

 Household  Business customer


* Information about certified electricians in Latvia is available on Latvia Electricians’ Brotherhood Certification Department website (available in Latvian) and / or Latvian Association of Power Engineers and Energy Constructors website (available in Latvian).