Temporary connection

A temporary connection for a period of up to 14 days can be requested with any permitted load.


Please log in on the customer portal www.e-st.lv and fill in the application. Choose the section “Submit an application” -> subsection “Connections” -> “Temporary connection” and fill in the application form.


After receiving the application, Sadales tīkls AS will contact the customer with 10 working days in order to notify the customer about the possibility of establishing the temporary connection (both in the case of a positive or a negative response). The customer may cancel the temporary connection request upon being contacted.


The temporary electricity connection will be disconnected on the date specified in the application.


The Customer is responsible for obtaining any approvals from building owners and land owners, which are required to carry out the connection work, including from the state and local authorities, where necessary. As well as provides a cable of the necessary cross-section and its protection against mechanical damage (protective covers, strengthening at height, etc.).