Electricity offers

The electricity trader that you have chosen based on your demand, electricity consumption and most convenient form of payment will prepare an electricity offer. Please inform the selected trader if your family’s electricity consumption is going to change significantly, as it will give you the opportunity to receive the best offer just for you. Traders can prepare special package deals, where electricity is supplied together with additional services, such as telephone connection, internet connection, etc. Thus, you will agree on a number of services within one contract, as well as save on commission fees when paying bills, as you will receive one bill instead of several. If you have more than one residential property, such as a house and a summer cottage with individual meters, they can be combined in a single contract and bill. This way, you will get a better electricity price and save money when paying the bill. Contact your trader about this opportunity.

Read the contract and the offer carefully, paying attention to all the conditions, such as the electricity price, the payment procedure, the deadline and the possibilities of terminating the cooperation.


The traders’ offers are made for 3 groups of consumption – small, medium and large, thus determining both different prices per 1kWh of electricity and the surcharges, including those for delivery of the bill. Therefore, the key selection criterion is your average monthly consumption. Keep in mind that electricity consumption is lower in summer and much higher in winter! Consider the total price of the offer and the conditions. Pay attention not only to the price per kWh, but also the rest of the costs included in the offer. Weigh carefully all the conditions of the offer and the contract, such as the tariff plans, the payment procedure, the deadline and the possibilities of terminating the cooperation.


You may change the electricity trader or offer every month – all changes must be negotiated with the new trader until the 15th day of the previous month. All bills for the electricity consumed previously must be paid prior to changing the trader or the offer. Before agreeing with the trader on the further cooperation, be sure to check the period of time for which the contract is concluded and the conditions for the termination of the contract.


Please contact your trader if you need any help regarding electricity in your home. In turn, the maintenance of meters, metering control, installation of new connections, repairs and damage control will continue to be the responsibility of Sadales tīkls AS. Regardless of the trader whose customer you are, you will receive text messages if there are repairs planned in the electricity grid or if damage has occurred. Your electricity trader will continue to assist you in any situation related to power supply.