To ensure customer convenience and remote services, Sadales tīkls approves technical works online.


Online you can fill in the application:

  • to obtain technical requirements to develop a construction design; to develop a land use design; to carry out spatial development planning; and to relocate power supply objects;
  • to approve a topographic map;
  • to approve a construction design, a land use design and spatial development planning;
  • to apply for permission of digging, logging and other works in protection zones;
  • To obtain for approval for works being completed in order with the issued technical requirements.

Detailed information on application types is available here!


What do you need to know to start fill in the applications for technical works and receiving approvals online?

  1. Log in via online banking as a private individual.
  2. After you log in for the first time, fill in the “Profile”, where you need to enter your contact information and your company(-ies) if you represent one(s), e.g. if you are designer, topographer, etc..
  3. After confirming the profile, start to fill in the application.


Click on the button below to log on for e-services and fill in the application.

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