Benefits of smart electricity meters

Sadales tīkls AS will take care of reading the electricity meter
Sadales tīkls AS will take care of reading the electricity meter. The smart electricity meter sends readings to Sadales tīkls AS automatically
An opportunity to follow one’s electricity consumption on the Internet
After a message has been received confirming that the provision of benefits has entered into force, households and companies can easily follow their electricity consumption on the site of the electricity trader or on the customer site of Sadales tīkls AS
A possibility to reduce the bill if electricity use habits are changed
After installation of the smart electricity meter and receipt of information regarding entering into force of benefits, everybody can easily follow electricity consumption on the site of its electricity trader or the customer site of Sadales tīkls AS Hourly consumption is displayed and it can be compared over various periods. Information is presented in the form of a comprehensive graph. One’s electricity use habits can be analysed in this way and they can also be modified in order to reduce the total monthly electricity consumption.
Faster restoration of electricity supply in cases of electricity cuts
In case of faults the automated system will determine if there is a problem in the internal power network or a power line of the distribution system operator, thus allowing much faster identification and elimination of the problem

In order for the smart electricity meter to be able to provide all the benefits available to you, it should be connected to the power grid. For example, during the winter period when your summer cottage is not used, electricity supply should be disconnected by maintaining the meter connected (by using fuses or an within your ownership limits). If the meter is not connected to the power grid, it will not read the data remotely (it will only record them at the site) and it will not be possible to issue the bill for consumed electricity based on the actual consumption. In this case, even if electricity was not actually consumed at the site, the bill for consumed electricity will be issued based on the principle of equal payments according to the mean consumption.

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