Power load calculator

The calculator is designed for household customers. It can be used to calculate and evaluate the existing power grid capacity at your property or the required grid capacity when planning a new electricity connection. The calculator makes calculations based on the number of electrical appliances and their capacity specified by you.

When making a calculation, the calculator can offer a number of technical indicators which you are recommended to choose for your existing or planned power grid connection. In this situation, you should assess the required grid capacity based on your habits of using electrical appliances, such the number of electrical appliances you use at the same time.

Single-phase connections to the power grid are mostly found in apartments. This connection capacity is sufficient to meet all daily needs, such as turning on the lights and using the washing machine, fridge, TV, iron, electric kettle and other appliances. By contrast, a three-phase connection is more common in the new housing developments and private homes, as their dwellers use electrical appliances which require greater power grid capacity, such as heat pumps or electric instantaneous water heaters.

The calculator is for information only and does not guarantee perfectly accurate calculation of the required capacity; therefore, you should individually assess your habits of using electrical appliances and the capacity required for their operation. It is possible that the current connection capacity is too large or, on the contrary, there is a need for increased connection capacity.

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1. Choose the connection type. If it is an existing connection, specify the number of phases and the rated current of the input protection appliance (IPA). This information is available from your electricity trader or under section Object information on the self-service portal www.e-st.lv.

2. Specify the area of your property.

3. Check the electrical appliances which you use on a daily basis or which you are planning to use in the future. It is important to specify the number of these electrical appliances.

4. If you use and operate electrical appliances which are not specified in the list, enter them additionally, indicating their capacity in watts (W). Information on the capacity of an electrical appliance can usually be found on the appliance. Pay particular attention to appliances with large electricity consumption which require a three-phase connection, such as electric instantaneous water heaters, electric motors, heating elements or other electrical equipment. Confirm each added appliance with a tick. If you have added an appliance by mistake, it can be removed.

5. Specify whether the heat is provided by an electric heater or not. If there is electric heating in your home, specify the total electricity capacity of the equipment in watts (W).

6. Specify whether there are three-phase electrical appliances in your household. This significantly affects the type of connection.

7. After entering all the necessary data, you will receive information on the existing connection capacity (unless you have chosen the calculation of required capacity for a new power grid connection) and one or more of the recommended connection types for your property, which may vary based on your habits of using electrical appliances and the number of appliances powered at the same time, as well as the monthly fee for the provision of the connection from 1 August 2016.

If the existing power grid capacity coincides with the recommended capacity, this means that the existing connection capacity at your property is commensurate with the total capacity of the electrical appliances and your habits of using them. If the recommended connection capacity is with a smaller rated current value of the input protection appliance (IPA), please evaluate the existing connection capacity or the connection capacity required in the future and, if necessary, contact the customer service of Sadales tīkls AS to get advice on the reduction of the connection capacity.

8. All prices include VAT of 21%.