Connection restoration


Starting from July 1 of this year, the implementation, restoration of electricity connection and load changes, as well as microgenerator connection is even more rapid, convenient and simple! The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in cooperation with Sadales tīkls has made significant changes to the regulations to improve the procedure of receiving services and the methodology for determining fees. For your convenience the new version of the regulations is available here.

We will implement the applications for user change submitted before June 30 in accordance with the procedure in force at the time of their submission.


We will restore your electricity connection, if there was electricity in your property earlier, but its supply was stopped, because the agreement with the electricity trader was terminated and electricity is also not supplied within the final guaranteed supply.

If users change in your property, the previous owner has not terminated the agreement with the electricity trader and the electricity is still connected, you have to agree with the trader on a new agreement. The electricity trader informs Sadales tīkls, if a user changes at a specific address.

Please note! If you submit the connection restoration application within 30 days of termination of the agreement by the previous user, we will restore the electricity connection free of charge.


Connection restoration conditions:

The electrical network meeting the technical requirements has been preserved The necessary capacity is available in the connection point Technical parameters of the connection do not change


Cost calculation principles

The connection restoration fee consists of two items:

  1. connection costs – the fee for restoring the connection if the meter has been disconnected: in a 0.4 kV electrical network – 28.08 EUR, incl. VAT, in a 6-20 kV electrical network – 89.13 EUR, incl. VAT;
  2. capacity maintenance costs – costs of the system operator for maintenance of the electrical network and the connection capacity, while the agreement with an electricity trader was terminated.

The calculation of capacity maintenance costs is based on one of the following components specified in the system operator’s service tariffs and corresponding to the connection:

  • ensuring the connection EUR/year,
  • ICB current value EUR/A/year,
  • permitted load EUR/kW/year.

The capacity maintenance fee is calculated according to the technical parameters of the connection, one of the tariff components indicated above and the number of days, starting with the date of termination of the agreement with the electricity trader, but not more than 24 months.

Read more about system operator’s service tariffs here

Important preliminary works

Make sure your internal electricity network is compliant.

If the power supply in your property has been interrupted for a long time or if you have not performed a check of the internal electricity network for a longer time, select a certified electrician before applying for the service and entrust him with an internal electrical network check in your property.

Please note that if the internal electricity networks are not adequate for receiving the voltage, we will not be able to restore the connection.


Electricity connection restoration process

Customer’s tasks
  • Once you are sure that your internal electricity networks are ready for the voltage, select an electricity trader, apply for electricity, and the trader will submit a connection restoration application to Sadales tīkls. You can also submit an application for the service on the customer portal


Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • If the connection meets the restoration conditions, we will send an invoice to you within three working days.
  • If we cannot restore the connection without reconstructing the electrical network, we will prepare the technical requirements free of charge, indicating that construction works and a construction project are necessary, and include a cost estimate. Read more information about the construction of a new connection and reconstruction of the existing connection here.
Customer’s tasks
  • Once you are sure that your internal electricity networks are ready for the voltage, pay the connection restoration invoice.
Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • We will restore the connection and send you written information about the technical parameters of the connection within two working days of receiving the payment.


Customer’s tasks

Start using electricity!