Recover funds invested in connection implementation

When you use the requested load effectively, you have the opportunity to recover all the funds invested in the implementation of the connection over a five year period.
You can recover the funds, if your connection meets one of these criteria:
• the connection or power increase is 0.4kV (kilovolts) in an electrical network with a load greater than 100A;
• the connection is in a medium-voltage electrical network.
Conditions for the recovery of funds: as soon as your consumption exceeds 15% of the maximum possible 12-month-period consumption, you will receive a 50% discount on the distribution system operator’s (available in Latvian) service. The discount will be in force from the next payment month until the end of the 12 month period. Such a system of discounts will be available no longer than five years and depending on the efficiency of use of the electrical network will allow you to recover connection implementation funds in full or in part.
Use the calculator for recovery of funds to learn over what period you will be able to recover your connection implementation costs.

Procedure for calculating the use of efficient load