Frequently asked questions

New connection and load changes

Can I apply for a connection implementation, reconstruction or load increase through an electricity trader?
How much time is needed for a connection implementation?
What rules regulate the connection implementation, network reconstruction and load increase process?
How much does a connection implementation cost?
How can I recover the connection costs?
What rules regulate new connection implementation or load increase costs?
May I ask for another technical solution after I have received technical requirements?
Where do I get a digging permit for the electrical network construction works?
May I remove sealing to prepare my property for receiving electricity?
Who will perform the construction works and for how long?
What should I do if I fail to coordinate the technical solution for connection implementation with the neighbour whose property is affected?
Can I agree with the construction contractor selected by Sadales tīkls also on the construction of internal electricity networks?
Can I apply for a full service connection myself?
Can another person be invoiced and payment made in instalments?
Why do the estimated costs of constructing a connection differ from the final calculation?

Microgenerator connection

Who can install microgenerators?
Who can perform microgenerator installation works?
Can a microgenerator be connected in parallel work with the common electrical network without a permit of Sadales tīkls?
When can a microgenerator be installed and used without coordination with Sadales tīkls?
What is a microgenerator inverter?
How to include an inverter in the list of microgenerator inverters recognised by Sadales tīkls?
Do solar panels generate electricity also when there is no voltage in the electrical network?
Why does the inverter switch off at the moments of the most active generation?
Can a microgenerator with 1 phase be connected to an electricity connection with 3 phases?
Do microgenerator owners also have to pay for distribution system services?
Can the electricity generated by a microgenerator be distributed to more than one customer’s properties within the framework of the net payment system?
How is the net saving calculated if the customer has a dynamic tariff plan with a trader?
When will my microgenerator pay off?
How do I get the largest possible reduction in my bill?
How quickly can a microgenerator be installed and how much will its installation cost?

Power plant connection

How power plant connection differ from a new connection?
What are the most typical connection points of connecting power plants in the system?

Other questions

What should I do if I cannot use the customer portal