New connection implementation


Starting from July 1 of this year, the implementation, restoration of electricity connection and load changes, as well as microgenerator connection is even more rapid, convenient and simple! The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in cooperation with Sadales tīkls has made significant changes to the regulations to improve the procedure of receiving services and the methodology for determining fees. For your convenience the new version of the regulations is available here.

If you applied for the service before June 27, for the final calculation of costs we will use the previous or the currently applicable connection fee calculation methodology to provide you with the lowest possible costs. The connection agreements concluded before June 30 will be implemented without changes.


A new electricity connection is most frequently implemented, when you have a real estate, where there has never been electricity, you need a network reconstruction or build a new additional connection.


Important preliminary works

1. Learn whether there has ever been electricity in your property.

If you property was inhabited earlier, it may probably have a connection to the electrical network and you just have to restore the connection and supply of electricity. In such cases, please choose an electricity trader and apply for receiving electricity. Please read more information about restoration of a connection or moving to a new address here.

2. Evaluate the power required.

Use the power load calculator for households and consult with a certified electrician or a designer of electrical networks. Note that the maximum permitted load of the electricity connection will influence not only the costs of implementing the connection, but also further payment for electricity! Please read more on the connection power assesment here.

If you plan to implement an electricity connection with a high consumption capacity, we recommend using a free capacity map to find out the capacity available for electricity consumption in the Sadales tīkls electricity network substations (110 / (6 - 20) kV).

3. Calculate the estimated monthly costs.

Use the tariff calculator to determine the most appropriate distribution system operator’s tariff for your consumption habits and the total estimated monthly costs of electricity. More information about tariffs is available here.


New electricity connection implementation process

Customer’s tasks
  • If you are planning to implement a new connection in a 0.4 kV electrical network with an input circuit breaker load up to 100A, please look at the the map of a new connection fee – learn the costs and ask for a technical solution offer right away. Ampere fee application conditions and calculation >
  • In other cases ask for an offer and a calculation of approximate costs on the customer portal or from your electricity trader.
Technical requirements, design, selection of constructors
Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • If there is no need for the electrical network reconstruction for the implementation of your connection, we will offer a final cost calculation and an agreement within three days (see step 3 “Agreement and payments”).
  • In other cases, within three days, we will prepare the technical requirements free of charge, indicating that construction works and a construction project are necessary for the implementation of the connection, and include a cost estimate. If you have additional questions about technical requirements, apply for a consultation on the customer portal
  • In individual cases, we will offer a full service connection.


Customer’s tasks
  • Confirm the offer and perform any further activities on the customer portal If you want to refuse the implementation of the connection, please specify it on the customer portal.
  • Select a designer within no more than 60 days and specify it on the customer portal Note that the fee for the development of a construction project is not included in the cost estimate of Sadales tīkls!

Tips from Sadales tīkls: How do I choose an electrical network designer; Construction project for electricity connection.


Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • In the Construction Information System, we will create a construction concept and an authorisation for your designer, whom you can then contact to follow up the coordination of the project.


Customer’s tasks
  • Your selected designer will prepare a construction project and attach it to the construction file in the Construction Information System. When the construction board approves the project, submit it to Sadales tīkls (the original and one copy in paper form, as well as a recording on a CD or USB flash drive).


Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • We will select a construction contractor with the most economically advantageous offer within an average of 30 days. If you want to recommend your own contractor, who is entitled to work in electrical installations of Sadales tīkls, write to

The average construction costs of the power networks of the preceding years (information available in Latvian)

Agreement and payments
Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • We will prepare a connection agreement and an invoice and attach it to the connection implementation application on the customer portal If there is no need to reconstruct the electrical network, you will only have to pay connection expenses: in a 0.4 kV electrical network – 76,73 EUR, incl. VAT, in a 6-20 kV electrical network – 101,69 EUR, incl. VAT.


Customer’s tasks
  • Read the connection agreement on the customer portal and pay the invoice thus agreeing to the conditions of the agreement. Remember that construction works will start only after you pay the invoice!

Look! Useful information: General terms of the connection agreement, Connection implementation with deferred payment (information available in Latvian).

Customer’s tasks
  • Select a certified electrician and entrust him with a preparation of internal electrical networks of your property with a cable up to the distribution box. Please read more on the readiness of your property to receive power here.


Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • If the construction of an electrical network is necessary, the construction contractor selected by Sadales tīkls will perform the planned construction works within the deadline set in the agreement and will construct the part of the new connection belonging to Sadales tīkls – from the common electrical network to the metering distribution box.


Customer’s tasks
  • When your electrician has connected a cable to the distribution box and your property is ready to receive power, confirm this by making a note on the customer portal Meet the deadline set on the customer portal!
Meter installation
Tasks of Sadales tīkls
  • We will contact you no later than within 2 working days to agree on the most convenient time for meter installation. We will connect a meter and start supplying electricity.


Customer’s tasks