Readiness to receive power

In case of a new connection or other connections, we separate the electrical network of Sadales tīkls, which is our responsibility, and the user’s electrical network. To assure that Sadales tīkls provides electricity supply within the connection, you must construct your (user) electrical network or prepare it for operation. It can only be constructed by a qualified electrician or an electrical installation company. Information about certified electricians in Latvia is available on:

  • Latvia Electricians’ Brotherhood Certification Department website (available in Latvian);
  • Latvian Association of Power Engineers and Energy Constructors website (available in Latvian);

Before starting up the construction of the electrical network on your side, please contact the local government (municipality) to find out which organisations approval for digging you need, for example, a telecommunications company, Sadales tīkls, etc. If approval for works is needed from Sadales tīkls, you should receive digging permit because Sadales tīkls cable is in your property.

An example of the boundary between the user’s electrical network and Sadales tīkls electrical network

When the object is ready to receive electricity (the incoming feeder cable is installed in the distribution box of Sadales tīkls), confirm that on the customer portal

If you are unable to apply for the service electronically, please print, fill out, sign and send a application (available in Latvian)  to .

How to prepare an object for receiving electricity (available in Latvian)