Full service connection

If you use the full service connection, you will not have to spend time on finding a construction project designer and a construction company, as this will be provided by Sadales tīkls. We will choose a reliable and secure cooperation partner for implementing a new connection or increasing the load. Your benefit is implementation of a connection or load increase in up to three times shorter period.

We will offer you this service if the neighbouring land is not affected by implementing a new connection, connection construction works are carried out in the protection zone of the existing electricity network or within frontage lines, etc.  The cost of the full service connection may be up to 10% higher on average, compared to the implementation of a connection without the full service.


Advantages of the full service connection

  • faster implementation of a connection;
  • Sadales tīkls will choose a construction company who will design the technical solution and carry out the construction work;
  • you can pay for the full service connection by two instalments: the first payment is for development of the technical solution and the second payment is for the implementation of the connection.


Steps for implementing a connection

Apply for the implementation of a new connection or load increase and if we can offer the full service connection at your property, we will inform you by phone mostly within 5 working days (in difficult cases up to 20 calendar days) from the day when application is submitted.