Full service connection

To part of customers applying for new connection implementation or increase of load we offer the possibility to get a full service connection.


What is full service connection?

Full service connection means that Sadales tīkls will do the search and selection of reliable and secure cooperation partners – a developer of the construction project and a builder, as well as apply for the service of these specialists, supervise the works, evaluate and accept the works.


We will be able to offer such a service only when the planned works do not affect land of other owners and will be performed within the protection zone or within the building lines of the existing electrical network, as well as there are no other specific restrictions.


If full service connection is available, we will contact you and make an offer within 5 working days (in the most difficult cases within 20 days) of receiving the application.


The costs of the service, if you select full service connection, may be up to 10% higher than when the customer decides to perform that part of the work on its own.


Advantages of the full service connection (FSC):

  • implementation of a connection or increase of load within a considerably shorter period;
  • possibility to save time by entrusting selection of the developer of the construction project and the builder, who will develop the technical solution and perform construction works, to Sadales tīkls;
  • possibility to pay in two payments – payment 1 for the development of a technical solution and payment 2 for the implementation of the connection.


Steps for implementing a connection