New connection implementation

You need to implement a new connection if you have real estate property where electricity connection is not available.

If you have changed your place of residence or your location (registered or actual address, etc.) and the new real estate property already has an electricity connection, please choose an electricity trader and contact it to apply for electricity supply. Additional information is available here.

To apply for the service or to find out the estimated cost of implementing a new connection, click on the button below to log in to the customer portal. You can also apply for the service at your electricity trader.

 Household  Business customer

Please find the General Terms and Conditions of the Connection Agreement here (available in Latvian).

If you need a construction project to implement new connection, information about construction project designers is available here (information available in Latvian)! You do not need to create a construction project yourself in the Construction Information System (BIS), we will do it.

If you are unable to apply for the service electronically, please print, fill out, sign and send the appropriate application form (available in Latvian)   to .

The required reconciliations and documents form is available here. In order to discontinue implementation of a new connection, please fill out the form Cancellation of a connection implementation (available in Latvian).



New connection implementation or load increase cost creation principles

New connection implementation  or load increase is a paid service, and the costs are calculated according to the required power and the amount of work to be carried out (for example, depending on the length of the needed cable, whether digging is required, whether electricity distribution box has to be installed, etc.).

The cost of implementing a new connection or load increase consists of two parts:

  • actual costs (installation, replacement of relocation of distribution box, pulling the cable to the distribution box, etc.);
  • eligible costs (costs of investments previously made in the electrical networks).


The average construction costs of the power networks of the preceding years (information available in Latvian)

The eligible costs of the distribution system for the assessment of the connection fee (information available in Latvian)

The eligible costs of the distribution system in 110/6 – 20 kV feeder substations (information available in Latvian)


Connection implementation with deferred payment

The possible connection implementation costs are estimated according to the Regulations Regarding the System Connection for the Participants of the Power System (available in Latvian), which set forth that Sadales tīkls and the potential user may agree on paying the connection fee with deferred payment if all of the following conditions are met:

  • the connection is implemented in a 6-20 kV or 0.4 kV electrical network with a load greater than 100 A (amperes);
  • the period of the deferred payment does not exceed 5 years from the date of signing the system service agreement;
  • the user has provided the financial guarantees requested by the distribution system operator (Sadales tīkls) for the payment of the connection fee;
  • the financing and payment conditions for the deferred payment are included in the connection agreement and take effect on the date of signing the connection agreement.
Conditions for connection implementation with deferred payment