Power plant connection

A power plant connection needs to be implemented if it is intended to generate electricity for commercial purposes or for the provision of one’s own needs with production facilities whose total operating current exceeds 16 amperes in the phase (3.7 kilowatts in a single-phase connection or 11.1 kilowatts in a three-phase connection) and which are connected for parallel operation with Sadales tīkls electrical network. Sadales tīkls assesses the power plant connection process of up to 10 MW. For higher capacity power plants, please contact the transmission system operator Augstsprieguma tīkls JSC.

We invite you to complete the following steps before submitting the application to Sadales tīkls:

Regulations on a power plant connection (available in Latvian)

Electricity Market Law

Decision No. 1/6 of the Public Utilities Commission: Regulations Regarding System Connection for Electricity Producers

Construction Law

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 573: Regulations Regarding Construction of Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution Structures

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 624: Regulations on Procedures for Metrological Control of Measuring Instruments and Initial Verification Marks

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 981: Regulations on Repeated Verification of Measuring Instruments, Verification Certificates and Verification Marks

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 212: Metrological Requirements for Measuring Instruments and Procedures for Their Metrological Control

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 666: Regulations on Metrological Requirements for Active Electricity Meters

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 40: Regulations on the List of Measuring Instruments Subject to State Metrological Control

The Network Code, approved by Decision No. 1/4 of the Public Utilities Commission of 26 June 2013

Technical Regulations for the Connection of a Wind Power Plant; Latvian Association of Power Engineers and Energy Constructors, Riga, 2008

Law on Uniformity of Measurements

Decision No. 1/3 of the Public Utilities Commission: General Authorisation and Registration Regulations in the Field of Energy

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 262: Regulations Regarding the Production of Electricity Using Renewable Energy Sources and the Procedures for the Determination of the Price

Cabinet’s Regulations No. 221: Regulations Regarding Electricity Production and Price Determination upon Production of Electricity in Cogeneration

EU Commission Regulation 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators

Services of the Ministry of Economics



Submission of the application
Sadales tīkls
Preparation of the technical regulations
  • Wihin 60 calendar days ST will prepare and send the technical regulations for implementation of the power plant connection to electricity distribution system.
  • The technical regulations are valid for 2 years.
Connection construction project designing
  • To confirm continuation of the process, please send us 1 signed copy of the Arrangement for organization of construction design development by e-mail to st@sadalestikls.lv or by post to Sadales tīkls AS, 1 Šmerļa Street, Riga, LV-1006.
  • Select a designer and carry out the design work (you must cover the design costs) according to the issued technical regulations.
  • Submit the approved construction design to Sadales tīkls.
  • If the construction design for connection implementation is not required, construct the power plant according to the technical regulations, prepare the electrical installations up to the proprietary boundary of your electrical installations as specified in the agreement, and submit an application to Sadales tīkls regarding the readiness to carry out inspection of electrical installations and power plant (Step 8).
Sadales tīkls
Selection of the construction merchant, agreement and invoices
  • Sadales tīkls or the Generator selects the construction contractor.
  • Upon the completion of the selection, Sadales tīkls will send the power plant connection agreement and the invoice for the construction of the connection to the electricity distribution system.
Connection agreement and payments
  • Sign the copies of the power plant connection agreement received on the postal address specified in the application.
  • Send one copy to Sadales tīkls AS, 1 Šmerļa Street, Riga, LV-1006.
  • Pay the invoice.
Sadales tīkls
Construction of the connection
  • The selected construction contractor carries out the construction of the power plant connection to the electricity distribution system.
Sadales tīkls and generator
Distribution system services agreement
  • Sadales tīkls sends the System Service Agreement to the postal address (by that time, the construction must be completed and the Confirmation of Object`s Readiness to Receive Electic Power must be submitted to ST).
  • Sign the received copies of the agreement and send one copy to Sadales tīkls AS, 1 Šmerļa Street, Riga, LV-1006.
Application for testing of the power plant
  • Submit the application for the readiness to carry out the testing of the power plant and electrical installations, as well as the binding documentation (avaliable in Latvian) at least 45 days prior to the start date of the testing*.
Sadales tīkls
Approval of the documentation
  • Sadales tīkls examines the submitted documentation for the testing of the power plant.
  • The connecting and testing programme is done, deed of delimitation and regulations of mutual operational relations (if necessary) are approved.
  • The time for the testing of the power plant is agreed upon.
Sadales tīkls
Inspection of the power plant
  • Sadales tīkls carries out the conformity testing of the power plant construction according to the submitted documentation.
  • Sadales tīkls issues a permit to connect the power plant for a test period of at least 72h.
Testing of the power plant
  • You arrange the testing of the power plant, involving an accredited laboratory for carrying out the voltage quality measurements.
  • You submit a report to Sadales tīkls on the successful completion of the testing,  attaching all necessary documents (avaliable in Latvian), including the Construction Board’s report on the commissioning of the power plant structure.
  • You invite ST specialists when the power plant reaches its maximum capacity during the test process according to the test programme
Sadales tīkls
Connection of the power plant to the system
  • Sadales tīkls prepares a report on the recognition of the power plant as compliant for parallel operation with the system, which is signed by both parties.
  • Sadales tīkls issues a permit to connect the power plant for parallel operation with the distribution system.

*Sign the documents with a secure electronic signature. If you do not use the electronic signature, print the documents, sign them and scan them. Then log in to Sadales tīkls customer portal e-st.lv open a new Free-form application (information available in Latvian) and type "Application for connecting a power plant / increasing the load" or "The binding documentation for connecting a power plant / increasing the load" in the text field. Attach the completed documents and confirm the application. There is no need to submit the original documents. If you do not have the opportunity to submit the documents online, please send them by post to Sadales tīkls, 1 Šmerļa Street, Riga, LV-1006.