Solutions for continuous power supply

Sadales tīkls continuously carries out planned repairs and reconstruction work in the electrical network. The aim of the works is high-quality electricity supply and electrical network comprehensive maintenance, leading to a significant reduction in the number of unplanned faults and an increase in the security of the power supply to you and your property.

In order to carry out planned repairs in the electrical network, it is mandatory to suspend the power supply for a certain period of time, about which the customer is informed in advance. To make sure that Sadales tīkls has your current contact information, please click here and follow the instructions, e.g. to update it.

If there is an electrical equipment at your address and/or object for which power supply interruptions are unacceptable, we encourage you to take additional preventive measures that will ensure the reliability and continuity of power supply in the event of planned and/or unplanned outages.


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