Data platform

Starting from 15 February 2020 Sadales tīkls has landed a new role in the electricity market becoming the holder the Electricity market data exchange and storage platform (data platform).

A data platform is an information technology system, the purpose of which is to ensure standardised and centralised electricity market data exchange and storage among market players and system operators. Functioning of the data platform will be ensured by integrating systems and also by using a single portal.


Market communication models

The data platform will enable all market players to talk the same language, ensure transparent and equal data management, as well as quick and efficient data exchange, thus increasing the efficiency of functioning of the sector and making the electricity market more dynamic and more readily accessible in the future. Uniform data quality standards, centralised exchange and efficient use of new technology solutions is an essential precondition for successful development of the Latvian electricity market.

The project is in active development and the data platform is expected to be available to customers starting from 31 March 2023.


Regulatory documents governing functioning of the data platform:
Electricity Market Law
Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Electricity


For consultations:
Tomass Liepnieks
Data Platform Manager
tel. +371 26684392