Data services

By fostering quick and convenient availability of data, Sadales tīkls offers a new service – automated delivery of information to customer’s data systems.

Latest generation M2M (machine-to-machine) technologies ensure automated data transfer without human intervention. Such a solution opens up a wide range of new possibilities to improve operational efficiency of the company, as well as to develop new business opportunities.

Within the framework of the first public data service of Sadales tīkls, customers’ data systems have automated access to hourly electricity consumption data for the previous day. To receive the service, you need a smart electricity meter installed and a data analysis platform that can call and receive machine-readable data (for example, MS Exel and similar applications do not provide such functionality).

Improving energy literacy of our customers and their opportunities to automate and supervise business processes even more effectively, Sadales tīkls continued to actively develop a data service to offer new services that enable to receive data even more rapidly.


Advantages of data services of Sadales tīkls

M2M data exchange model
Protected information flow
Energy literacy
More efficient resource management
Great deal
An affordable monthly fee


What should you do to start using the data services of Sadales tīkls?

  1. Apply for the service. Quickly and easily on the customer portal
  2. Prepare your data systems. Set system settings or ask your data analysis services to partners.
  3. Start using data. Analyse information and optimise company operations.
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