Seal removal / restoration

If you are planning any works in your electrical network, please first contact a certified electrician and learn whether sealing restoration should be removed to perform these works. When you know precisely the time, when the works will start, just fill an application on our customer portal and get an immediate permission to remove sealing. You can submit an application to perform works in the property of other person, for example, electricians may apply for removal / restoration of sealing in their customer’s property.


The period provided for your works is: 2 days of submission of the application We will restore your sealing no later than within 3 working days after your planned works. We will call you to agree on the precise time. We will calculate the fee for sealing restoration in accordance with the pricelist and will include it in your monthly electricity bill.


Your sealing should be removed by the certified electrician of your choice, but it will be restored by Sadales tīkls.  The list of certified electricians is available on the website of the Certification Department of the Latvia’s Electricians’ Brotherhood or on the website of the Latvian Association of Power Engineers and Energy Constructors.

It is prohibited to remove the seals installed by Sadales tīkls without authorisation!


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