Meter readings

For your convenience, please consider to submit your electricity meter readings through the customer portal, where you can easily submit the readings at the time that suits you best. You may submit the meter readings from the 27th day of each month to the 3rd day of the next month.

You must submit the meter readings if the smart meter has not yet been installed or it has been installed, but its advantages are not available yet. If you have chosen a balanced payment at your electricity trader, the replacement of your meter with a smart electricity meter will not change anything.

We encourage you to submit your electricity meter readings and view  consumption information through customer portal

 Household  Business customer


As it is a handy tool which allows you to enter data quickly and easily and keep track of your monthly electricity consumption. As it helps you to save time and avoid inaccuracies. For example, if you enter incorrect consumption data, the system will report an error which you can correct if necessary. As it helps you to assess your monthly electricity consumption habits. For example, you will see a notification if the consumption that you have entered is significantly different from the data of the previous months.


What to do if you have no opportunity to submit meter readings through the customer portal