Frequently asked questions


Is the fixed connection fee dependent on the selected product of the electricity trader and the type of payment?
How will the fixed connection fee be calculated if the agreement for the supply of electricity at the object is signed in the middle of the month?

Electricity supply suspension and restoration

What is a fixed connection fee?
Is it required to pay the fixed connection fee for the period of disconnection if the electricity supply is temporarily disconnected upon the customer’s request or disconnected due to debt?
Must the fixed connection fee be paid in case of an interruption of the electricity supply at the object due to a fault in the electrical network?
Is it possible to disconnect electricity at the object temporarily? How to do it and how much does it cost?

Other questions

How can I find out the power of my object(s)?
What is instantaneous data reading and how can I know if I have access to it?
What are mandatory procurement components (MPC)?