Power load calculator

The calculator is designed for household customers. It can be used to calculate and evaluate the existing power load at your property or the required network power when planning a new electricity connection. The calculator makes calculations based on the number of electrical appliances and their power specified by you.

Single-phase connections to the electrical network are mostly found in apartments. This connection power is sufficient to meet all daily needs, such as turning on the lights and using the washing machine, fridge, TV, iron, electric kettle and other appliances. By contrast, a three-phase connection is more common in new housing developments and private homes, as their inhabitants use electrical appliances which require greater electrical network power, such as heat pumps, water pumps or air conditioners.

The power load calculator is for information only and does not guarantee perfectly accurate calculation of the required power; therefore, you should individually assess your habits of using electrical appliances and the power required for their operation. It is possible that the current connection power is too large or, on the contrary, there is a need for increased connection power.


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